Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Rare moment happened yesterday

So far Aaron has not been too interested in school. He does like to do the crafts, especially if they involve painting, cutting and/or gluing.  But he is not always wanting to be still long enough to listen to the stories.  I have preschool workbooks for him but when it comes time to work on worksheets he has no desire, he would rather go play!

I don't push the issue.  For the most part he does play quietly and keeps to himself (even though there are some days that he does get a little loud).  I would rather him to quietly play then get up set and complain and whine doing worksheets.  He is still so young so I don't want to push!

But then there are rare moments, like the one we had yesterday.  It was during Seth's reading lessons (which we do during Aaron and Alyssa's nap time...Sometimes Aaron sleeps the whole time and sometimes he wakes before we are done...this was one of those days)

When he woke up he came to the kitchen and said he wanted to do school. As part of our lesson I had planned to do the letter sound bingo game with Seth (that came with the My Father's World curriculum).

I thought this would be something fun for Aaron to join in on.  I gave them each their game card and their dry pasta shells (for bingo markers).  How we did the game was I gave the letter sound to Seth.  He identified the sound and found that letter on that card.  He then told Aaron the letter name and Aaron tried to find the letter on his card!  I WAS SO HAPPY THAT HE GOT MOST OF THEM RIGHT!!  We have not done must concentration on letter names (remember he doesn't like school) but somehow he is still learning his letters!

(Aaron was wearing his favorite outfit - t-shirt and underwear (-: )

Of course after that game he was done and ready to go play again!  But that's ok! He did real well in his school work that day!  :-)

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  1. Boys will be boys :) I love the fav outfit. I love that you notice learning even without the teaching and I think thats what I notice a lot.. Its those times when we think they arent listening that they learn the most!