Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Even More Dinosaurs

We are starting to finish up our dinosaur lessons!  (and we really need to before we get really behind...but we have just had a lot of fun with them!)  We have enjoyed so many fun picture books and have had some really good conversations about dinosaurs (and emphasized how, unlike most scientists believe, dinosaurs were created by God at the same time as man and what it must have been like with them in early bible days, especially living with them on the ark!)

Here are our puppets we made yesterday.  These were from that Dinosaur Craft book from the library.  Basically you take a glove and glue on felt leaves to the four fingers (I didn't have any green felt so we have fall colored leaves) and glue on pom poms for the berries of the tree...and then glue a felt dino body on the palm and the head on thumb.  The kids can move their thumb to make it look like the dino is reaching for yummy leaves to eat!

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