Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's Focus on Thanksgiving - My Tablecloth!!

Ok - first I have to SCREAM and SHOUT and JUMP FOR JOY because I get to now host two Thanksgiving dinners!!  YAY!!  My family was not going to be able to come up on Thanksgiving day so we have worked it out where they are coming the weekend before - WHOO HOO!!!  My Mom, Dad, sister and my two awesome nephews are coming!!  YAY!!  So I am now doing two menus and setting two tables, and having two wonderful family celebrations!  I am LOVING this!!

Ok - so on to my tablecloth - LOL!  I am so very excited!!  A dear sweet lady of the church gave me two tub fulls of fabric last week!!  Included in that fabric was a very pretty 60" width nice light weight upholstery fabric - just enough for a table cloth!  And in a perfect Fall rust color!  All I had to do was serge the two short ends - I am going to leave the long ends natural with an extra stitch to control the fraying when washed!

Here is a picture of the tablecloth!  (you probably recognized it - I had just enough scrap for a runner on my buffet!)

I need to figure out what to do for my napkins - I am sure I have the perfect fabric in my huge collection of fabric now - just have to find it LOL!

The kids will be making the napkin rings :-)  Of course I will post about those when we do them!


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