Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Loving our Bible Studies

No Focus on Thanksgiving post to put up today :-(  We finished working on our secret project that I can't share on here until after Thanksgiving so I don't ruin the surprise for our family members.  Aaron and I are headed to speech therapy today and then the two of us are going grocery shopping to get the stuff to make all the yummy food for our celebrations!!  :-)

I do want to share today about how well our bible lessons are going!  If you have followed us then you know that we are using Grapevine Studies and it is fitting really well with MFW.  The first lesson of Grapevine Studies was creation.  Since MFW spread out creation into a couple of weeks we were only doing one box of stick figures at a time for the creation lesson.

Well - that has all changed now.  Today was our first day to do a full Grapevine Studies lesson - the story God forming Adam and Eve and Adam's job in the garden.  Actually it was two lessons for Grapevine Studies - God forming Adam and putting him in the garden, and then God forming Eve and putting her in the garden.  But since MFW had them as one lesson we combined them as one lesson.

I actually used the story from the MFW teacher's manual to tell the story - using the stick figure drawings from Grapevine Studies.  Here is a picture of my teacher's manual - I made small drawings at the points where I wanted the drawings to go into the story.

After we finished the story (the boys drew the pics in their notebook as I was drawing them on the board) I had each boy go to the whiteboard, and retell the story back to me, using the pictures.  They both did a very good job of retelling the story!

I think they really liked getting up there and "playing teacher", telling me the story.

I really think this method is going to work well for us!  And I love how well the two programs work together! :-)  I think using the Grapevine Studies to supplement the MFW just helps in comprehension and retention of the stories for the boys!  (and it is a good way to get Aaron involved :-) )

Ok - got to go get ready for the afternoon!

Until next time,

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