Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's Focus on Thanksgiving - Our Fall Trees

Today we did a project for our focus on Thanksgiving - getting the house ready to host family!  Today we made fall trees using dot painting.  I found the idea from Pinterest.  Aaron has loved dot painting ever since he got to do it in one of his co-op classes at the beginning of the semester so he was super excited to do this today!

What I did was make two 8x10 pictures of a tree trunk and branches for Seth and Aaron and 2 4x6 pictures of a tree trunk and branches for Alyssa and I.  I put globs of red, orange, yellow and brown paint (washable of course!) on a tray and gave everybody a q-tip for each color.  And all we did was just make dots of color all over our picture.

Thank God for washable markers!  Alyssa had more on her than her picture by the end of it - but no big deal - these paints wash off VERY easily!!

When they dried I put them in frames and hung them over our buffet.  Here are some pictures of the end result.
 Ignore the branches for now - this is part of our thankful tree that we are working on - I will post pictures of it when we are done :-)
 Once again - ignore the branches for now - but don't the pictures look nice on the wall?!?!

Here are close up of the finished pictures:
 Seth's painting
 Aaron's painting
 Alyssa's work!
My cute little tree!

I have to point out a couple of other things on the buffet table...both of these are from crafts we did two years ago!!

Here are our glove stuffed turkeys!  Click here to see the original post from two years ago when we made them.

And here is our fall wreath we made.  Click here to see the original post from this one - I got teary eyed when I looked at it - the kids were so little - Alyssa was just a baby!!  OMG!!

So once again - we are taking time this month to focus on Thanksgiving.  On each of these posts I will put link to the other related posts in case you miss some or want to go back and look at others :-)

Focus on Thanksgiving:

Until next time,

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