Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Focus on Thanksgiving - Our Turkey Bread Basket

Hey everybody!!

We got back at our focus on Thanksgiving today!  We have a lot to get done this week because our first Thanksgiving celebration begins THIS Friday night (with my family)!!!  Yay!  So excited!!

(side note - we are also trying to do a full week of school as well so that we can take next week off!  I will hopefully combine my week in review of last week with this week's on Thursday...if I have time! LOL!)

We worked on two projects today.  One of the projects I cannot share with you quite yet because it is a surprise for the family members - and I don't want to ruin the surprise since most of them read this blog :-)  I will share it with you after Thanksgiving though - I promise!

The other project we worked on was our Turkey Bread Basket.  Of course once I again I got the idea off of Pinterest.  We made our face on the wooden spoon.  I cut out the feathers and Alyssa added some color to them and then Aaron taped them to the skewers.  (Seth was busy working on the other secret project while Aaron and Alyssa and I did the bread basket).

This bread basket of course is going to hold the bread for dinner - but it will also serve as the centerpiece for the table!  I think he turned out looking adorable!  Look at the pictures and let me know if you agree.  :-)

 Alyssa loved coloring on the leaves.
 Aaron did a good job taping the feathers to the skewer!
 I had to get another shot of Alyssa - she was REALLY into coloring those feathers - and she made sure her scribbles were just right!  She was too funny!  (and yes, she is in dinosaur pjs - LOL!)

Here is the end result!!  (nevermind the napkins that I am storing in the basket for right now)

As you can see - the handprint napkin fits nicely in the basket :-)

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Oh! On another note - I realized this weekend that I have been nominated for a homeschool blog award at The Homeschool Post through seeing a post from another blog that I follow and love and found out she voted for me in the category I was nominated in!!  Of course she is Tina over at Being Made New and the category that I have been nominated in is Best Homeschooling Methods blog!  I don't know how in the world I got nominated but it is kind of exciting to know that I have been nominated!

So if you love me and love my blog will you go vote fore me?  You can click here to go vote (you don't have to have a blog to be able to vote).

While you are at it - go vote for blogs in other categories as well.  This post has all of the categories listed.  I got my votes in, including my vote for Being Made New as best encourager!  She has been an AWESOME encourager for me!

So if you have time and would like to  - go vote!  :-)

Until next time,

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