Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's Focus on Thanksgiving - Our Napkin Rings

We had another FUN FUN project for our focus on Thanksgiving today - our napkin rings.  Guess where I got the idea???  Of course if you answered PINTEREST you were right! LOL!!  I just love that site!!

Anyways - I cut out all the pieces ahead of time so all we had to do today is glue our pieces together - like little puzzles.  The kids had a ball doing this, of course, because they always love working with glue :-)  Even Alyssa was doing her own glue!

Here are the pictures!  I think they turned out adorable!

We had to give them time to dry 

And here is a napkin ring holding a napkin sitting on our cute plates that I found (they are heavy duty paper plates but aren't they cute?!?!) on the tablecloth!  I think it all looks so pretty together!  So excited!!

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