Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas Presents!!!

Ok!  I am starting to get my thinking hat on and coming up with my Christmas ideas for this year!  If you have been following my blog for some time then you know that I like to get the kids involved with making Christmas presents.  I have done this for the past two years and I plan to continue this tradition this year.

I have also found several easy things that I want to make for my kids for Christmas this year!  I have found so far an idea for a felt Mr Potato Head and for a felt checkers game, along with some other things I am thinking about!

As far as the presents for my kids I can post them on this blog because my kids don't read this blog and therefore will not find out the surprise (the hard part will be figuring out how to make them so that they don't know what I'm making...I guess I am going to be doing some nap-time sewing :-)

But as far as the gifts I want them to make - a lot of the family that we will be making the gifts for read this blog...so I can't exactly share on this blog.

Last year I set up a separate blog - Watson Homemade Christmas - where I would post what we are doing.  I think I am going to plan on doing that again.  You can click here to go that blog.  I encourage you, if you are wanting to know what we are doing (maybe you can get some ideas to do with your kids) then go ahead and head over there and sign up to follow the blog or receive blog posts by email.  (fair warning family...if you sign up to do this I have the right to remove you - all for the sake of keeping you from ruining your Christmas surprise).  And note, due to the family thing, I will not be sharing my posts on Facebook since all of my family is on Facebook.

I will note that last year's gifts, even though they were all about the kids, didn't involve the kids much in making them.  This year I have some ideas that the kids will be very involved with helping to make the gifts...in fact they will be doing most of the work in these gifts.

Oh how I love Christmas time and love instilling in my kids' minds "it is better to give than to receive!"

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