Monday, October 11, 2010

Sight Word Practice

I am constantly trying to come up with different ideas to help Seth practice his sight words.  Seth and I have started reading books together.  When I come to a sight word he is learning I let him read the word.  He is loving this!

I also found this idea on a blog last week (I forgot to make note of what blog it was and cannot find it now to give them if that blog is reading this let me know and I will update this post to give you credit).

Basically I took a piece of paper and divided it into squares and wrote the sight words in each square.  I then gave Seth the paper and markers (we used our cuisinaire rods because they were close by :-) ).  I called out each word and Seth would find the word and put a marker over it.  We did this until we covered all the words.

He is really good and reading the sight words.  He still gets a bit mixed up if you tell him the word and ask him to spell it from memory but I know that will come with time!  I think he has gotten the important part down...recognizing them when we sees them.  And what cracks me up is he is pointing them out everywhere we go.  He will point them out on billboards as we are driving down the road and he will point them out at signs and items at the store.  Last Sunday we were at my parents' church and he was pointing them out on the screens as everyone else was singing!

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