Friday, October 8, 2010

Trust Me - We do NOT have the perfect homeschool!

OMG!  I am so backed up on my blogging right now!  This has been the craziest week!!  We spent the first part of the week down at my parents (but actually did get in some schooling...didn't get pictures though). Then we came home and got to go to the State Fair with Daddy on Wednesday and then we went to Homeschool Day at the Ft Worth Zoo on Thursday.

I will get pictures and posts about that later...don't have time this morning because we have co-op classes we have to go to here in a bit.

I did want to share with you this morning how chaotic our schoolroom can be!  I have had several people tell me that from my posts it sounds like our homeschool life is perfect!  That is only because I can write it up to sound real pretty and I only tell you about the good things :-)

But here is some pictures of what a typical day looks like in our school room:

Alyssa says "Watch out!  I'm awake!!"

Our nice, not so clean room!!  Can you see the annoyed look on Seth's face?  It is hard to concentrate with Alyssa and Aaron on the loose!  Can you see Aaron?

Here's a closer view of him...this wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for the fact that he was playing fire engine and thought he had to loudly make the siren noise!

Here's Alyssa...doing what she does best - destroying the puzzle shelf!

Oh my!!  Things are crazy around here!  But somehow we are able to manage!  It's probably because I wake up super early every morning and spend lots of time in prayer asking God to give me the patience needed for this day!  I would not be able to do this without God's help!

So see we are not perfect :-)

And I am going to try my best to make time this weekend to put up some more posts!

Have a great day!

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