Monday, October 11, 2010

Memory Verse

This method that I am using for our memory verse continues to be working for Seth!  It may be hard to tell in this picture but the black words are his sight words that he can read now.  We continue to use the Sun to represent Lord, or Jesus or God.  I used a picture of a hammer and nail to help him grasp the meaning of the word 'stablish'.  For keep I used a picture of a hand with something in the middle, because if you keep something you hold on to it.  And then I used an evil face for the word evil.  

Seth also continues to love it when I change the verse to put his name in the verse.  "But the Lord is faithful who shall stablish SETH and keep SETH from evil".  His face just beams when it is stated like that, knowing that God is talking about him and taking care of him!

"God takes good care of me" was the words to remember from our curriculum.  (the memory verses are not part of the curriculum...that is something I have added)

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