Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Turtle Memory Verse

I am loving this memory verse method that I came up with so much that I so look forward to our new set of lessons to get to the new memory verse!   I have always been horrible and scripture memorization!  With this method not only am I teaching my kids at an early age how to memorize scripture but I am also finally memorizing scripture!  And it is really nice when you are having a bad day to think of these scriptures that you have in memory.  I think God personally looks through my brain (I picture him looking in my brain like someone looking in a filing cabinet) and pulling out the verse that is needed for that moment to help me get through it!

And I think this verse may be more for me than it is for Seth - HA!!  This is definitely a verse that I have needed to commit to memory!

And to explain the pictures how I explained them to Seth - in front of the word weary I put a sleeping face and told Seth being weary is like being sleepy and you know when you are sleepy you don't want to do anything...

In front of well doing I put a picture of a stick figure sharing a box with another stick figure and explained to him that well doing is doing good things, things that please God, such as sharing your toys with your brother, and minding your mom and dad, and telling your friends about Jesus.

In front of due season I put a clock and told Seth that due season means at the right time...when God feels is the right time!

In front of the word reap I put a medal and explained that reaping is like getting a reward.  When farmers reap they are getting the yummy fruits and vegetables that are grown from the plants they worked hard to plant...their reward for working hard.  God will reward us for our hard work.

in front of faint not I put a picture of a stick figure climbing a mountain...with a flag at the top of the mountain. I told Seth faint not is to not give up.  We will get that reward if we do not give up.  We should never give up doing what God wants us to do.

The words to remember from the curriculum are "I don't quit.  I persevere."

Seth once again loves it when I put his name in the verse and every time we go over the verses he says "put my name in it".  For this verse I love to tell him "And let SETH not grow tired of doing good things and doing the right things,  for at the right time SETH will earn God's reward for not giving up!"

And like I said, I also need to put my name in that verse and remember that I should not grow tired in my well doing and doing God's will because in due season I will reap if I faint not!  And I need to remember all of the rewards I have already reaped for doing God's will and persevering in the Lord's work as my motivation to keep the faith and keep persevering!

Ahh, the beauty of Christian homeschooling!  The teacher learns as much (and sometimes more) than the child!  LOVE IT!

God bless you all!

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