Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Turtle Exercises

I love turtles!!  I think they are so darn cute - especially sea turtles!!  So of course I was excited to do turtle lessons!!

Here are some picture highlights of some of the activities we did during our turtle lesson.  Unfortunately we were so busy having fun on activities this week that I didn't get pictures of everything. :-(  But here is what I got pictures of.

We made pet rock turtles.  I had the boys go out on our driveway and pick a good sized rock to use for the shell.  We then painted our rocks green and let them dry.  We then placed them on a sheet of felt and drew out the arms, legs and tail around the rock.  We cut them out and put a bunch of tacky glue on the middle of the piece of felt and glued the rock on.  We then glued on wiggly eyes on the head.  I thought they turned out really cute!

Instead of using paper plates to make turtles as suggested in the curriculum, we decided to use styrofoam bowls.  I laid out a big sheet of manilla paper for each kid and put the bowl on top.  I then let them paint the bowl green.  I told them to purposely get paint on the paper as they were painting their bowl.  When they got done with the bowl we cut out the paint streaks to make the head, legs and tail and stapled them to the bowl.

Here are the boys painting their bowls.

Here are the finished turtles drying on our drying line.

Seth has really started liking pattern blocks. I had two different turtle patterns that we used this week.

We had fun talking and acting out how other animals move.  I had Seth tell me how he thought several animals moved around and then we watched internet videos of actual animals in action to see how close he was to being right. I think the one that surprised him the most was the whale.  He told me he thought the whales moved fast through the water.  But when we watched a video of a humpback whale he said "he don't move fast at all!  He is very slow!"

Here's my swift moving tiger!  (don't you love the outfit!  He didn't want to put shorts on that morning...he wanted to go to the school house in his shirt and underwear...I didn't see a problem with it...I mean we are at home!  LOL!)

My slow moving turtle!  (in his t-shirt and undies as well...and the goggles that he was attached to that day!)

The boys loved talking and learning about turtles!  They are such fascinating creatures!

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