Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Nest Lesson Activities

We had a fun time learning about nests and animal homes.   This was a bit of a crazy time because we had a lot of extra things going on.  We started the lesson while we were at my parents.  We spent some time talking about nests and animal homes and watched a few videos about nests.

During our nest lesson we also went to the zoo and were able to view animals in man created habitats that are suppose to resemble their natural habitats.  We talked about how these cages were alike and different from the animals homes in the wild.

For one activity I drew pictures of animals on one side of the paper and had Seth draw their home on the other side.

We played a sequencing card game that I had and learned about sequencing and figuring out what comes first, second, last... We also did some worksheets on sequencing as well

We made pictures of nests by cutting up pieces of yarn and gluing them to green construction paper (because it is a close up view of a nest in a tree) and then coloring and gluing on a yellow bird.

We also made a bird feeder (we used the project from the familyfun.com website.  Click here for instructions

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