Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lesson On Perseverance!!

I owe a big THANK YOU to God today! Wow!  He showed up in a big way today!!

I was sick with a stomach bug all night Sunday night and Monday morning.  Needless to say we did not have any school on Monday.  I didn't get anything done on Monday!  And Mondays are usually my days to get things in order so we can have a smooth week but it did not happen!

So I woke up this morning knowing I had a LOT to do today.  We had to play catch up on school plus I had to get the house in order (it was bad enough and then the kids completely destroyed it yesterday while I was sick!) so of course during my morning time with God I asked for his help!

And his help came in a big way!!

Our theme lesson (remember we are doing turtles) was to read books about perseverance and talk about what perseverance means.  The curriculum then said and I quote "Then help the student practice working hard without quitting.  Work together at a task, such as cleaning tables and chairs, organizing a messy bedroom, or collecting a bag of litter on a walk outside."

I got to looking at what else we needed to do and realized that the theme exercise we missed yesterday would work beautifully with the theme exercise for tomorrow and that today we need to focus on this lesson of perseverance :-)

So we watched a video on The Little Engine That Could (click here to see the video on youtube).  We read the book Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel and we read Katy and the Big Snow.

Then we went to our memory verse (see this post for what the verse is) and explained how each of these stories fit that verse and we talked about what perseverance is and how God wants us to demonstrate perseverance.  We talked about how we need to demonstrate this in every thing we do and to never have a giving up attitude.  (and I plan to remind Seth of this verse from now on when he gets the giving up attitude).

I then told Seth we were going to do an activity on perseverance...we were going to clean our house!  I told him that if we worked together and we didn't give up and didn't quit we would get it done and when we were done he could choose what he wanted to do until lunch time!  He told me that he wanted to watch Toy Story (his new favorite movie) so I told him we would have to work hard to get done in time to have time to watch it before lunch.

And boy did that boy work!  I was so proud of Seth.  He truly worked hard and did not complain.  He was willing to do all that I asked him without complaint and kept saying "I won't quit!"  That in itself gave me the motivation I needed to work hard too!

And ahh....we have a clean house now!!  Ahhh.....  And when Seth finishes his reading and math lessons this afternoon (we do those lessons while Aaron and Alyssa are sleeping to help Seth to not be distracted) we will have a free afternoon!  I can get caught up on some of the other things that I in no way thought I would be able to this week because I was a day behind!

So thank you God!  Thank you for showing me the opportunity to teach Seth a lesson in perseverance and get what I needed to get done at the same time!

And of course, a couple of pictures to share :-)

Seth working hard to get the piano dusted :-)

Seth wore his badge while we worked - with his turtle saying "I don't quit; I persevere!!"  Seth lived those words today!!  He is one awesome little boy!

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