Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alpha-Animals & Another Giveaway Won

Hey everybody!

Our 2nd day went well...we had our weekly trip to the library and then did some school this afternoon!

Seth got to play a file folder game that I made for him during our phonics lesson today. I got this game from File Folder Fun. They have some fun free games. You need to check them out.

Anyways - this one was called Alpha Animals. You have to match up the animal cards with the letter that they start with (a practice on hearing the beginning sounds in words). Seth did very well with this game!

The cover (I made the title card on front a pocket to hold the animal cards)

When you open up the file folder all the letters are on the inside.

You place the animal picture card over the correct first letter of the animal name.

On another note:

I won another giveaway! WHOO HOO!! I don't know if I can handle winning two in one week!

Anyways I won the Spelling Power curriculum from Musings Along the Way.

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