Thursday, August 13, 2009

Library Trip!

We went to the library today to redeem our tickets from the Summer Reading Program. The boy's age category was 5 tickets for every 5 books that I read to them. They both got 15 tickets (which means we read 75 books!!!)

They both got a cool pair of sunglasses and a toy tool set!! (I had them get identical prizes to cut down on the fighting when we get home - Ha!)

Alyssa in her big girl stroller! she may still be a bit small but this one is a lot easier to maneuver in the library. She seemed to like it though. She was able to see everything.

I found this on the camera when I was downloading today's pics. I forgot I took this...this was when we were on vacation...we were getting ready to go to the beach and Alyssa was showing off her beach outfit!

I am getting super excited about the start of school next week. I took advantage of the die cut machine at the library today and made some apples!! I keep forgetting they have it...I need to utilize it more. It is free to just have to bring your own paper.

I also picked up some contact paper at wal-mart to do some laminating! Maybe one day I can afford a laminating machine - yeah right!

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