Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tot School - On Vacation!!

Aaron is 25 months old!

We were on family vacation this week with my parents, sister and nephew! We had a terrific time in Galveston! It was neat to see how well Galveston recovered from Hurricane Ike. Here are some picture highlights from the trip!
When we got into Galveston on Wednesday we went to Seawolf Park.

Our family picture!! I love the look on Aaron's face!!

On Thursday we went to Moody Gardens. These are pictures of Aaron in their discovery museum.

On Friday we went to the beach. I wasn't real sure how this was going to go...especially with a 3 month the heat! Can you believe that we got out there about 11:00 am and did not leave until 4:30pm!!! My dad had a canopy that we put up and there was actually a very nice SHADED breeze under that canopy!! We had a travel swing for Alyssa and she slept almost the entire time!! I think she liked the calming sound of the ocean :-) And thankfully we watched the sunscreen on everyone and no one got sunburned!! It was an awesome day!!

Here is our canopy.

The boys LOVED the water!! (Seth's trying to dunk Mommy in this picture)

My little beach girl!!!

A wiped out Aaron!!

On Saturday we went to the Houston Aquarium! Aaron loves watching the fish!

Here he is on the train ride that went into the shark tunnel!

We ate at the restaurant there at the aquarium. They had the cutest dessert for kids. It was a rice krispie treat in the shape of a shark that came with sugared food coloring and paint brushes so that you could paint your shark. Aaron, of course, had a BLAST with this!

We are all home and POOPED OUT now!! We will be taking it easy for the next couple of days! I have to get ready this week because next week we officially start Pre-K with Seth!! Since we will be on a more structured schedule I will hopefully be able to make more consistent tot school posts for Aaron!! I have some exciting things planned for both of the boys and am super excited about what this fall has in store for us!

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  1. Those vacation schools are some of the best!

  2. I found your blog through Tot School and am so glad I did! You and your family do such fun things. :)

    I love the aquatic-themed dessert! What a fun idea! We also went to a children's museum this week, while on vacation, and had a blast.

    Anyway, glad you all had a good week!

  3. This looks like so much fun! Glad you all had a great vacation.

  4. You guys had lots of fun! We like visiting the aquariums too!

  5. Looks like a great week! This is my first visit to your blog through tot school - you have a lovely family! I love the messy face picture!