Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitchen Play - Chef Hat

My boys are still loving kitchen play and so I am trying to come up with more things we can make that they can use in their kitchen play (in fact we have started a kitchen play box to keep all their kitchen toys in!)

Today we made chef hats - this ended up being more work for Mommy and not much that the boys could help with but they have sure loved playing with them once we got them made.

I took strips of cardstock and stapled them together to fit around their heads.  I put their names on them and had them color them.  (It was so exciting to see Seth write his entire name for the first time!!  We have worked on all the letters but S but he figured it out on his own!!)

Then I took a piece of fabric and stapled around the ring to make the rest of the hat (I forget what you call that part of the hat - HA!)  It didn't turn out quite like I thought it would...but it looked ok. 

The boys, of course, thought they were perfect!

Here they are playing kitchen with their Seth's bed was the kitchen.  (Please ignore his outfit...he picked it out last night for bedtime and did not want to change this morning...I didn't buck the issue since we weren't going anywhere of the joys of homeschooling!)


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  1. How cute! I think they turned out great! Maddie would LOVE something like that, since she's always cooking up something in her kitchen!