Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gotta Love Homeschooling!!

I just had to share what a fun evening we had yesterday!!!

Daddy had a late appointment last night so we had our supper for lunch (since he was home for lunch) and I decided that this would be a good night to do a picnic in the backyard with the boys.  (The only problem was we had to wait until 7:00 for the outside temps to be bearable!)

So we had a light day of school during the day...just focused on our phonics (by the way, Seth is reading his at words already!!  - bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat) and our handwriting (Seth can now write his T, I, E, and F!!) and thought we would save the rest for our "field trip!!"

So we cooked our corn dogs, gather our items and headed out the back door.  We found a nice shady spot.

I think Alyssa loved the idea!  She had been pretty fussy but was instantly quiet once we went outside!

While we were eating we took care of story time!  We read one of our library books. 

Since in Science we are talking about plants we had a conversation about all the plants and trees that are around us and where they came from, how they grow, etc.

I then sent the boys on a nature hunt.  They came back with a bag full of sticks :-)

We then had our tot school/activity...playing with bubbles!!  The boys of course loved this!!

(ignore the ketchup and mustard on Aaron's face!  I forgot to clean his face before our activities!)

Of course the neatest suprise of the night was Daddy showing up!!  His meeting ended up being short (I was thinking he wasn't going to be home until bedtime or after!!)  The boys were so excited to see him drive up the driveway and come join the fun!

Alyssa decided the best thing to do outside was sleep!

We also had fun on the swings!

We then came in and got our baths and then we had one final activity before bed - and incorporated a math lesson!  We played hide and seek in the dark (everyone had flashlights!)  Since Seth is trying to master his counting to 20 when it was his turn to count...he had to count to 20 until he got it right! We had so much fun.  Unfortunately we couldn't get pictures in the dark!

It was a fun day of school yesterday!  Gotta love homeschooling :-)!!!

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