Friday, August 28, 2009

Tot School - Field Trip!!

Aaron is 25 months old!
I hope yall like pictures because I have a bunch to share this week!!  We had a very exciting week this week.  
We started the week with a picnic in our backyard on Monday night!  Daddy had to work late that night and the boys have a tendency to get cranky when he is not home in the evenings.  I am trying to find ways to keep them settled and thought they might like a picnic.  We had a lot of fun!  The best part was when Daddy showed up...coming home a lot earlier than expected! 
Here are some picture highlights from that fun night!
On our blanket enjoying our corn dogs!

I sent the boys on a nature hunt.  Aaron was trying to grab leaves off the branches.
We had a fun time playing bubbles.  Aaron gets so excited with bubbles!
I LOVE this pic!!  (just wish I would have thought to wash the ketchup and mustard off his face before we started playing :-) )
Aaron loves his swing!
After our bath that night Aaron tried to get himself dressed for bed.  He wants to be able to do this by himself so bad but he hasn't quite got it down yet!

On Thursday we took a field trip to the Museum of Nature and Science and the Children's Museum.  The boys had an absolute blast!  There were so many different things for them to do there.
We got to see all kinds of dinosaur bones.

I LOVE this pic!!  Aaron was so excited in this room filled with different animals!  He absolutely loves animals!
Here he is gathering eggs  that the hens laid in the barn area. 
He ran right up to the tri-cycle but didn't want to get on...I don't know why...
Here he is milking the cow.
He loved the firetruck!  The only part of the fireman gear he would wear was the hat and he insisted on wearing it backwards!
They had all kind of animal costumes but he wouldn't try any of them on.  I finally got him to put this one on long enough for me to get a picture!
This has to be my favorite picture!  
He of course loved the water tables.
He was so excited that there was a room that he got to go to that Seth didn't.  This room was for ages 0-2.  He had fun climbing around on the soft pads.  
Of course I have to share a picture of Alyssa.  She had fun that day too!  She was a very good baby!  And Carissa, she is loving her baby doll as well :-)    It is so cute to watch her hug her baby.
 Of course we also colored, played and sang songs this week  It was a super fun week.  Can I go take a nap now?  :-)


  1. What a great week!! I totally laughed out loud at the picture of him putting his own pants on. Ha!! He's getting there. :)

    And, that museum looks amazing! We have a new opening near us in the not-so-distant future and I can't wait to take Maddie. LOVE the toddler room!!!

  2. Don't worry about the ketchup and mustard on his face in the pictures. I know a mother who frequently forgets to wash her kids face (not me of course:))

    Your little girl is a doll.

    I think we need to take a trip to the museum an hour away soon and see what they have to offer.

  3. Oh and what kind of doll is that? I am on a search for a birthday present for my daughter and that doll looks so so cute!

  4. It looks like such a great week. Very creative on the picnic idea. Alyssa is so adorable!

  5. Love all the pictures! Especially the one with the ketchup on his face - it just makes him look like a... kid!! :)

  6. I really enjoyed the pictures too! Looks like you had a great time and a fun field trip! We have hard time when daddy works late too - throws our schedule off a bit - the picnic was a good idea! *Ü*

  7. A nature hunt, bubble fun and a museum trip! You guys had a super fun week!!

  8. I wish that my little one would start trying to dress her self so we could work on potty training, but she just gets mad when I try to have her pull her own pants up, Ha! Your museum day looked really fun!