Thursday, August 20, 2009

a new game, new instruments, and another giveaway!

I found the cutest learning game in one of the books that I have. In the book they used it to match numbers but I see so many different possibilities with it! It's called the fishing line game. You set up a fishing line and attach clothespins to it. On the clothespins you tape your first set of cards. Then you have cut out fish that you tape your other set of cards to. You have the child place the fish on the line by matching the correct cards.

For today we matched animal pictures to the letter that their animal name starts with. I laminated everything which made it really easy to use masking tape with. Our library has a die cut machine and hundreds of die cut just have to provide the paper. So I used that to make my fish.

Here is a picture of our game. Unfortunately the only thing I could come up with for our fishing line is a belt tied around our chairs (I tried ribbon but it was too flimsy). I am hoping that maybe Daddy can make us a fishing line stand that we can use on the desk since I want to use this game for all sorts of learning activities!! :-)

Today for our craft activity we made guitars. I want to build up a collection of instruments for the boys to use in play time and this was our first one we made.

It was very easy... I took an old game box and taped an unsharpened pencil to the back. I then had the boys put rubber bands around the box (I had to help Aaron alot). I taped the rubber bands to the back so that they couldn't roll them back off :-). They then played with their guitars!

Here is a video of Seth singing his favorite song while playing his guitar!!

On Another Note:

I have found another giveaway to enter. (hey it really does pay off to blog about them...I have one three so far!). This Little Project is giving away two different items...a set of animal finger puppets and a collapsible storage box. I would be happy winning either one of these! You really need to click here to check out the post about the giveaway. Before she mentions the giveaway she tells about the village she has made with her kids. You should see the photos. They put an awful lot of work into making a village for the kids. I would love to do this with my kids but man that took an awful lot of work! I am really impressed with her village!

Have a great evening! Tomorrow marks the end of our first week of school! Look for a wrap up post on our week tomorrow, along with our tot school post!

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  1. Fun ideas! Thanks for the giveaway shout out :)