Friday, August 21, 2009

Tot School - Week One of Our New School Year

Aaron is 25 months old!

We had a great first week of school and a great week of Tot School! Aaron was so excited about all of the activities that we did.

We played with his shape truck (from IKEA). We worked on fitting the right shapes in their designated spots on the truck.

We made a puppet! I found these Martha Stewart craft kits at Wal-Mart on clearance! I really liked the fact that they didn't require any extra supplies. Everything was put together like stickers. We talked about the different body parts as we assembled our puppet.

Here is his finished puppet.

Of course the funnest part was playing with it once we were finished.

Seth got to be involved with this activity as well. He made a bird (all by himself!)

We also did a water activity. I saw this activity on another blog (don't remember which one...) where you have several different containers of water with different colors of food coloring. You then have your child use a dropper to transfer the water and watch the colors change.

Of course this activity showed how independent Aaron is! I tried to show him how to use the dropper and he kept getting mad...he wanted to do it I gave up. Lo and behold a few minutes later Aaron, on his own, figured out how to put water in the droppers...I guess I wasn't giving him enough credit!

(and ignore the stack of baskets and tins in the background...Mommy is still trying to figure out how to organize our limited space in our small classroom! Ha!)

One of Aaron's favorite activities this week was getting to play with the counting bears. My idea was to have him put a bear in the cup that was the same color...he wasn't ready to do that. But he loved transferring the bears from cup to cup. We practiced saying our color names while he did that.

We also pulled out some of his puzzles this week. He is starting to grasp how a puzzle works. He gets so excited when he gets one to fit in its right spot!!

On top of his planned tot school activities he also gets to be involved with some of Seth's Pre-K activities.

While Seth and I work on phonics and handwriting Aaron enjoys sitting in his chair and doodling on his doodle pad. He got this for his birthday and I have kept it put up from his normal every day toys so that he would be interested in it at school time...well that idea worked! He was so excited when I pulled it out on Monday and it kept his attention for a good while!

When Seth and I planted apple seeds on Monday Aaron got to plant some as well. He even did a very good job pouring his water in his cup.

We also made guitars this week too (our first instrument for our instrument box!!) The boys both played with their guitars for the rest of the day!

It was a very fun week and I am looking forward to a fun year!

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  1. I made a guitar with my son last year too. He loved it. I also like the puppets :)

  2. It looks like you had a fabulous first week!

  3. LOVE his ikea truck, sorting bears--these are on my wish list--and dropper activity.

    We have those same puppet kits--aren't they super!!