Monday, August 17, 2009

Our First Day of School and I won a giveaway!

Hey everybody! Well - Seth officially started Pre-K today! (I say Pre-K but we are doing some kindergarten curriculum as well...he knows most of the pre-k skills already!).

We really had a good day. The day went pretty smooth.

We started the day with our bible lesson and breakfast. We are studying Adam and Eve this week. In fact we are having apple breakfasts all week and this morning enjoyed some yummy yummy apple cinnamon muffins!

Here is Seth holding up his Hooked on Phonics box. He has been wanting to learn to read for several months so he is super excited about this subject!

Aaron played on his doodle pad while Seth and I did school. In fact Aaron has pretty much played with this all day. I have kind of kept it seperate from every day toys because I wanted it to be something he could enjoy during school...and it worked. He has had a blast with it!

Alyssa played in her car and watched us during school! She did ok...and the boys did pretty good with patience when we had to take a break to tend to her.

Here is Seth practicing drawing his lines (our first handwriting lesson!)

For Tot School today Aaron and I played with his shape truck. (there will be a detailed tot school post at the end of the week!)

Our game time today was playing with sequencing cards. These are picture flashcards that show different parts of have to put them in the right order. He did really well with this!

We have begun our study on plants for Science. This afternoon we planted apple seeds! Here is Seth pouring his water on his seed (notice that most of the water is pouring outside the cup...that's what Mommy gets for trying to take a picture!)

I shot a quick picture of Aaron before he started pouring! :-)

And the best part of the activity, according to the boys, was eating the apple after we planted the seeds from it!

I am super excited and super stoked after our first day! The best part of the day was when Seth came up and gave me a hug and said "thank you". I said "for what?" His reply was "doing school with me." That makes it all worth it guys!!

And on another exciting note:
Remember all those giveaways I have been entering lately!! Well all that work has paid off!! I won one of the giveaways!!! I won a toddler pack that includes 2 dvds and a book of games to play with babies/toddlers!! What a GREAT resource this will be for Aaron and Alyssa!

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