Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Literary Exercises for Apples

Here are highlights from our literary exercises for our apple lessons.  We read two books for this lesson.

A New House (from the book Grasshopper On The Road by Arnold Lobel)

This was a funny little story about a grasshopper who took the bite of an apple that a worm was living in.  Then the apple went rolling down the hill. Seth giggled alot when it was talking about his house inside the apple being tossed around. He had fun talking about all the different funny parts of the story after we finished reading it.

I drew an outline of an apple on a piece of paper and had him draw pictures of what could have been in that worm's "house".  Here is the picture he drew.

Everything really didn't show up well in the picture. The two sets of lines are actually two beds and there are a lot of cirlces in between them that Seth said were the toys that were in the bedroom.  (I thought it was quite clever...he wanted to draw a bed but didn't know how...I told him to think about his bed and what it looked like and to draw it...he remembered the slats on the rails of his bed and that is how the bed cam to be with the lines...the little circles in the middle of each set of lines is the pillows on the beds...and like his room has his and Aaron's bed...he drew two beds in this picture as well...he was getting tired by the time he drew the toys..that's why they are just circles)

The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons

This was a cute little book about an apple tree that Arnold loved and the different things he did with the tree during the different seasons of the year.

Now one of the the activities they suggested was to make a booklet where the child draws how the tree looks in each season.  If you can recall we already did this activity (not a book but a picture) in our previous lesson on leaves.  But we did spend some time talking about the seasons again and how the trees change in the different seasons.  We also talked about all the different fun things that Arnold did.  Seth said his favorite was when they made apple cider. He said he wished we had an apple cider press so we could make apple cider (he is a HUGE lover of apple juice).

Another thing they did with apples in the book was make an apple pie.  The book included a recipe for homemade apple pie.  We had enough apples left over from all of our activities to make an apple pie!  Actually we had enough to make 2 apple pies - we are taking one with us when we go to MiMi and Poppy's tomorrow!!

(I love my little camera poser...look how he is looking at the book like he is reading the recipe )

YUMMY YUMMY APPLE PIE!  What a great way to end our lessons on apples!!

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