Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Back probably about a year ago or so I won an educational game on a blog giveaway.  The game is called Erudition!

We pulled it out for the first time last week!  I do believe it is going to be a favorite around our house!  Seth LOVES games so any time he gets a chance to play a game he is excited - even if it is an educational game.

What I love about it is that Aaron and Seth can both play even though they are at different levels.  Aaron is starting to learn his letters (in a very relaxed fashion of course...he is only 3) and Seth has started learning his sight words (which is what the game is designed for).  So when it is Seth's turn he has to be able to read his sight word to advance.  When it is Aaron's turn he uses the letter cards to name the letter to be able to advance.

Seth is learning a set of new sight words each week so each week we add that many more cards to the game pile!

(By the way he is doing super well - he has so far learned the words a, up, go, you, for, the and is)

I highly reccomend this game and you can click here if you want to learn more about it.

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