Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Leaf Activities

Here are some activities we did during our leaf lesson!

We made stained glass leaf pictures.  We found some pretty leaves and put them between two pieces of waxed paper with some crayon shavings and then ironed them  (make sure you put newspaper or scrap fabric or something between the iron and waxed paper so you don't ruin your iron!)

On one day we decided to do the foliage friend craft from (LOVE that site!)  I thought Seth was very creative using 3 leaves to make one leaf person.  He named him Leafy and wanted to put his name on the sheet (you can see in the pic below...I told him letters to write).  He also drew Leafy two friends to play with. :-)

We painted outlines of leaves.  I admit, I used silk leaves for this exercise.  I just wanted some different shapes...we have boring leaves where we live :-)

(Aaron just enjoyed painting with the watercolor...he sat there and painted forever!)

I thought it was cool that one of the other leaf activities that the book mentioned was an activity that Aaron did on his first day at co-op classes...using a hand/arm print to make a tree.

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