Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moon Craters and Silly Lunch

We are studying the moon right now!  This morning we talked about moon craters and what the surface of the moon is like and how craters are formed.  I took a shallow container and filled it 1/2 full with flour.  We smoothed out the flour and then dropped a plastic easter egg (the closest thing I could find to a small ball this morning - HA!) into the container to see the craters that were formed.  Seth, of course, loved this activity.  (he is a HUGE fan of the cartoon Rescue Heroes and his favorite episode is the one about the meteor showers.  When we read that it was meteorites that caused these craters on the moon he got all excited and loved pretending to be the meteorite crashing into the moon when he was dropping the egg into the flour!)

Silly Lunch

We also had a "silly lunch" today.  I made pizzas in moon shapes.  For some I used my crescent moon shaped cookie cutter and for others I just used a cup (to make full moons).  Oh!  And *pssst don't tell the kids*I put some of our veggie purees from our Sneaky Chef cookbook in the pizza sauce.  They didn't even know they were in there (and you seriously could not tell a taste different) so I don't feel bad giving my kids pizza for lunch because they were getting yummy veggies as well :-)!

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