Friday, September 24, 2010

Memory Verse

I thought I would share our memory verse board again this week.  (btw - Seth did an EXCELLENT job memorizing his verse last week!!) This week I decided to write all the sight words that he has learned that are in the verse in black. I then had a few "picture words" (words where I drew a pic in front of them to help with the word) in different colors.  I then told Seth we were going to read the verse together. He loved being able to read the black words and the picture words (once I explained each one).  Oh and I put a little sun over the pronouns referring to Jesus (we use the sun because we learned a couple of weeks ago that Jesus is the light of the the sun is an easy pic to use!) and I put a small stick figure over the pronouns talking about Seth.  That way, to help him grasp the meaning of the verse, I can go back through and replace those pronouns with the words "Jesus" or "Seth" (e.g. - "for without Jesus, Seth can do nothing).

This is just something I thought of myself to try to help my young child not only learn how to memorize scripture, but to be able to understand it as well.  Maybe sharing it with you will give you an idea or two :-).  If you have any ideas on how I can improve this please share! I would love to hear your ideas!

(oh and the phrase at the bottom of the board is our "words to remember" from the MFW curriculum)

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