Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tactile Letter Activity

One of the activities that the MFW K program has (for those who are not familiar with them) for Reading is a tactile letter activity.  It is intended for more practice forming and recognizing letters.  Seth has no problem recognizing his letters but we are still working on his handwriting!

They have many good ideas to use.  In fact I have planned to use every idea they suggest.  There are enough that we will be able to do each activity with 2 lessons, and a few of our favorites for 3 lessons!

Last week we formed S's in our salt tray (basically a small, shallow plastic container with lid that is filled with salt.

This week we used the cookie dough idea!  We followed the Cookie Monster's cookie dough recipe (from Volume 1 of the Sesame Street Treasury books - we checked it out from the library - I remember having these books as a kid!!  Man how I wish I still had them now!)

Anyways the boys loved helping to make the dough.  This recipe works real well to get kids to help.

After the dough chilled we made our letters. We decided to do S's from last week and M's from this week.

What was fun about this one was the fact that everyone got to enjoy some yummy cookies after supper!!!

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