Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Literary Exercises for Leaves

We had a fun time, as always, with our literary exercises for our leaf lesson!  Here are highlights from those activities!

Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

One of the beauties of homeschool is that you are not confined to a classroom!  You can have school wherever you feel like it!  I was in my bedroom gathering hats for this book and the boys decided they wanted to read the book in my bed so I thought "why not!"  So we all crawled in my bed to read this book (which the boys really liked!!)

After we read the story we decided to all take turns being the peddler carrying caps.  Thankfully Daddy has a good collection of ball caps, which made this a lot of fun.  (Don't worry Daddy...we put all the caps back when we were done!).

Here is Seth carrying his many caps and yelling "CAPS FOR SALE!"

Aaron couldn't carry as many caps because he wouldn't keep his head still long enough!  It seemed that the more I told him to keep his head still the more he wanted to move it!

Alyssa even had her turn!  We all laughed at her walking around with a bunch of caps on her head!

A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry

Seth actually had a lot of fun with the activity of making his own book about trees.  In fact I took pictures of each page of his book.  (As per the instructions he drew the pictures and told me what they were pictures of and I wrote the words for him)

Page 1
Seth's tree is nice. It has limbs.
Page 2
Seth likes it when the leaves change color and fall off the tree.
Page 3
Seth likes it when the tree blows in the wind. "God made the wind so the trees will blow" he said.

Page 4
Some trees stand straight. Some trees lean over.

Page 5
Birds build nests in trees.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein

(I was unable to fnd two of the books suggested, The Singing Leaf and Johnny Maple-Leaf, but I did find this additional book at the library that we did some exercises with)

This is a very cute book about a bear who sees leaves falling off the trees and tries to put them back on...he then goes and sleeps in a hole through winter and when he comes out there are new baby leaves on the tree and he is happy feeling that the leaves are telling him "welcome".

We once again talked about bears and hibernation (seems that we have been talking about that alot lately!  Seth is going to come out of kindergarten knowing a lot about bears as well as all of these other subjects!)
This book also allowed us to review the 4 different seasons that we talked a lot about just a couple of weeks ago in our sun lesson.

I took a piece of paper and divided it into 4 sections, labeling each section "Spring", "Summer", "Fall", "Winter".  I had Seth draw a picture of how a tree looks for each of the seasons (you can see his drawing the picture above).

Seth really liked this book!  I am so glad that I thought to add it to our books for today!

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