Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exploration Day!!

Today was exploration day again!  The kids get super excited about these days because it is less "work" and more "fun"!

The boys enjoyed their pattern blocks again!  Alyssa actually enjoyed putting the colored counting bears in their matching color cup! YAY!  And she did a good job at it too! :-)

Since our science focus for this exploration day was trees we had some fun with the trees in our yard.  First off we made bark rubbings on one of the trees.

And then I gave the instructions for the kids to just have fun exploring the trees!!

Of course Seth decided that meant climbing the trees :-)

Daddy - Seth wanted me to take this picture to show you :-)

Aaron told me he was not a good climber so we found a tree with a very low limb for him to climb.

Alyssa just wanted to touch a tree...that's all :-)

(and yes I know...they are in their pjs today... I told them we could have a pj morning because we are going to be getting baths before lunch today due to a busy afternoon of dental appts for me and Seth...and I like to have them nice and clean for church on Wednesday nights... so what's the point of getting dressed before baths... of course Aaron was ECSTATIC to be able to stay in his jammies! LOL!!)

And the weather was pretty enough that I just opened the doors of the school house so that I could get some work done while they enjoyed playing outside :-)

Oh - and I have to add this.  We went ahead and did a reading lesson today (even though the curriculum tells you not to on exploration day) because we are not going to be able to have school on Monday due to Aaron's speech therapy evaluation.  I did not want us to get too behind, especially since we usually only school 4 days a week.  

Our reading lesson today was o_e and oe.  One of the words that Seth had to read was home. When he sounded it out and it clicked what the word was he said " in Home Depot! My favorite place in the whole wide world".  LOL!  That's my Seth!  (I just don't know why, of all places, that is his favorite...I guess it's because it's his Daddy's favorite!!)

Until next time,

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  1. Love this post, Kellie! Love your pictures and explanations. Your children are so cute. Looks like homeschooling is going really well!