Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We love games!!

I picked up a domino game at Wal-Mart for less than $4!!  We enjoyed playing today!  Of course when I saw it I saw real quick that this will work for more than just a fun domino game!  It can also be used in math for addition and subtraction, and for Aaron and Alyssa to help with matching and counting!  That's a lot of stuff to do with a game that was less than $4!

I am also working on another game to help Seth (and eventually Aaron and Alyssa) with his reading.  I saw another wonderful idea on Pinterest (have I mentioned that I am addicted?!?!).  That link talked about using duplo building blocks and attaching word and letter labels.  I have a bunch of fish link toys that my mom gave me that I am using.  On one side of the fish I am just putting letter of the alphabet so that  we can build simple words or words that follow the rules such as "silent e tells the other vowel to say it's long vowel sound".  On the other side some of the fish will have the blends such as "ck" and "ph" to make words with those blends.

(the flash of the camera made it hard to see some of the letters in the above pic...sorry)

I also picked up a tumbling tower game (like Jenga) at Wal-Mart for less than $6.  I think I am going to write words (sight words and commonly used words) so that we can build sentence towers with that game.  Still thinking about exactly how I want to do that one though.  :-)  I will be sure to post pictures when I decide what to do.

Until next time,

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