Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seth has homework!!

We started something new this week that I think is going to work out really well for us!  Seth has started having "homework"... or I guess for us it would probably be more appropriate to say "nap-work" LOL!

I have additional workbooks and resources (a lot that have come from my mom, a veteran public school teacher) to help Seth further grasp his phonics and reading concepts.  I have been having trouble figuring out how to incorporate them into our school time in the mornings.

I am also having trouble with Seth doing work independently... he wants me to be right there to let him know if he has the right answer or not before he puts anything on his paper (because he hates to have wrong answers).

So I figured out a way to kill these two birds with one stone - homework!!  I am saving some of the worksheets from my additional resources for Seth to do during his "nap" time.  He has not been taking naps for a while now but he still has to have quiet time in his room (so that I will be able to have some quiet time...Mommy needs her nap LOL).  Anyways, I am giving him his worksheet assignments to do during his quiet time.  He has to listen very carefully to the instructions so he will remember what he is suppose to do, and then he has to do the pages in his room, which is a different room than I am in.  He has to do his best to finish the worksheets to the best of his ability and then I will check his work after naptime is over.

Today was our second day to do this and he is doing very well with it (and even though I don't know if he will admit it I think he is enjoying it as well). This is not only teaching him how to work independently, it is also helping me to see what information he is truly retaining.  And of course he is able to concentrate on his work without his brother and sister pestering him.

I just thought I would share this in case there are others out there that could use this idea!

Until next time,

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