Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Math Concept - Sorting And Classifying

Activities from the Complete Book of Math

Seth had fun with the button sorting.  Being that I love sewing I had a big bag of buttons for us to use.  Seth did very good at sorting the buttons.  He sorted them by color and then we talked about what we learned by that sorting.  We then talked about other ways we could have sorted the buttons.

We also sorted our cuisinaire rods.  I told Seth to sort them by something besides color.  He decided to sort them by size, but found out in the process that they were being sorted by color as well.  :-)  So we talked about how classifications can have more than one thing in common.  The only thing that matters is that they have at least one thing in common.  On this day we read the book Junk Collector School (in book list below) and that was a PERFECT book to read because Andy, the little boy in the book, made a rather unusual collection.  No one thought it was a true collection until he told the one thing that all the things in his collection had in common!  I thought it was a very good book for learning classifications!

Books We Read:

3 Little Firefighters by Stuart J Murphy
"A Lost Button" from Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel
Is It The Same Or Different? by Bobbie Kalman (a fun activity book about classifications)
Junk Collector School by Adam Dahlin and Emma Akerman

Other things we did to help Seth learn this concept

We watched a video called Learning About Sorting and Grouping by 100% Productions.

Daddy is letting us use the ipad for school - YAY!!  I found some different sorting and classifying apps.  Seth really liked the one called What Does Not Belong? by Brain-Go! (and Alyssa enjoyed watching him play).

Seth continues to enjoy his math book and is doing really well so far with these math concepts!  I hope this keeps up.  :-)

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