Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Reading Corner - officially set up!! LOL!!

Ok, so you have read in other posts that I have been trying to make a reading corner, remember?  I am really wanting reading time to be a big focus on our school time and have wanted to have a special place for us to have this reading time.

Well... I have finally accomplished that!! YOOHOO!!!!  :-)

This weekend we were having a "family date day" (having fun out as a whole family) and we were at Target and guess what they had?!?!  BEAN BAGS!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  I was so excited!!!

The bean bags, of course, are huge, which makes for very comfortable seating for the kids, but they do take up a lot of room...and we have a rather small schoolhouse.

So I did some rearranging today and I am super happy with my results.  Would you like to see??  You know I of course took pictures!  So take a view of our new room :-)!!!!

 I got the kids each a bean bag and then you can see my "box" in the corner... it is a cushioned ottoman - the top comes off to store our blankets.  It is actually very comfy to sit on too.
 I moved the craft table over by the door.  I had two 3-drawer filing cabinets sitting beside one another.  I decided to stack on on the other to give us more room (and thankfully it does not make them too tall to reach either :-) )
 This picture shows you where the craft tabe is in relation to the desks (they were kind of out of place during this picture...Alyssa likes to move them around)
Here is a view from the door - LOOK how much floor space we gained!!  YAY!!  And if we are doing an activity that we need more floor space the bean bags can be stacked in the corner and the desks can be pushed up against the wall where the white board is and we have almost the entire floor of the school house free!!  YAY!!

I guess it's pretty evident how excited I am about this rearrangement of things!!   I don't know if you noticed the pocket chart on the wall in the story corner...but we will be able to do pocket chart activities while we sit on our bean bags as well! Fun! Fun!!

The kids are super excited about this too :-)

Until next time,

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