Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This and That

Here's another "this and that" post of different things going on in school this week!

Seth's Math -
Seth is learning the greater and less signs this week.  I took an idea that I saw on pinterest (yes, I'm addicted) to teach this concept to him.  I had him envision the signs being an alligator's mouth and that the alligator always wants more so his mouth is always open to the bigger number.  I think it really worked because he nailed all the problems on his worksheet after this explanation!  :-)

Aaron and Alyssa have decided that they want to now explore the box of busy items I have made for them.  They had fun today exploring through that box.  :-)  Hopefully this curiousity will stick and they will continue to want to play with these because it does keep them busy so I can concentrate on Seth's lesson.

I will be honest - Alyssa has been a holy terror this week!! She has been fussy and cries whens she doesn't get her way!  Sometimes I just don't know what I am going to do with that girl.  But I know I need to just take deep breaths and realize she is still so young.  I need to pray for more patience!! My oh my!  Her screams are just so loud!!

Aaron had a speech therapy evaluation  on Monday and is being recommended for speech therapy.  We are in the waiting process now - waiting to see if insurance will cover the therapy.  In the mean time I am starting him on some speech exercises during school time.

I wanted to share an awesome ipad app we have discovered!!  We started playing it today and I love it, and more importantly - he LOVES it.

It is called Tiga Talk.  The iTunes store describes it as "Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games, developed with licensed speech and language pathologists, is a fun way for children to develop speech sounds through playful voice-controlled games that can improve speech clarity, articulation, and instill confidence"

It goes through each of the sounds and teaches the child the correct way to pronounce the sound and then has them say the sound...if the microphone does not pick up the correct pronunciation it will continue to work with the child until it does.  After the kid says the sound correctly it will let them play a game where they have to use the sound correctly over and over again to win the game (like using the p sound to pop all the balloons).  There are different levels and the higher levels even have sound blends.

Not only is this helping Aaron say his sounds correctly, it is also helping him in getting his voice out (which is another area we are working on with him) because he has to say the sounds loud enough for the microphone to pick up!

I am THRILLED to have found this app and really think it will help Aaron alot!  I have also found some other apps, along with some printable games and stuff that we will be using! And hopefully the insurance will be approved, and it won't take very long to do so!  :-)  I would much rather work with this group instead of going through our public school system that we are zoned for.

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